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Rossbeginning banjo lesson
Beginning Banjo from Ross Nickerson.
Includes instruction on all the basics, songs, chords and loads of clear practical helpful to the point banjo lessons. The book is very comprehensive and includes two high quality audio CDs and two hour split screen DVD
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Free banjo lessons from Ross Nickerson

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beginning banjo lesson
Songs you’ll learn are:

Cripple Creek, Boil the Cabbage Down, Buffalo Gals, Tom Dooley, Long Journey Home, John Henry, Red River Valley, Blackberry Blossom, My Old Kentucky Home, Old Time Religion and more.
The book includes chord lessons, playing by the chords, banjo rolls, left hand positioning, timing exercises, text explanations and picture illustrations.
Proper Right and Left-hand technique is covered in detail along with many time saving practical tips.
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Wire bound Book and two CDs 29.95

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