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Discounts are for everyone, free shipping is US residents only

Discounted prices are all Pre-Bundled, if you dont see the combo you want, give us a call.

Free shipping on Books, CDs, or DVDs are sent media mail to US Residents and take a little longer, up to 4 to 9 business days.

If you prefer to have the Books, CDs and DVDs delivered quicker with priority mail, call or email us immediately after ordering. 1-866-322-6567

Combining other items like supplies with the Free US shipping for multiple Book, DVD and CD orders

The free shipping is for Books, CDs and DVDs, if you are also purchasing banjo supplies and other non instructional items, shipping charges are added. However, only the weight of the non instructional accessories are calculated in the shipping costs, not the weight of any Books, CDs, or DVDS that are shipped free. Buying supplies at the same time could work out in your favor as you still get a discount on shipping by not paying for the shipping of the Books/CDs/DVDs but the package has to be sent first class/priority mail which is faster than the book rate used for free US shipping.

o recieive the discounted prices and free US shipping on multiple orders, please select one of the premade combinations. If you choose one book at a time for instance, the Shopping Cart is not able to calculate multiple book/cd/dvd orders automatically and award a discount or free US shipping. The combinations are listed anywhere you see two or more items bundled together.

Note: If you don’t see a combination of books and dvds that you want listed simply, Email or call 866-322-6567
We’ll help you get what you want and you’ll still receive an equal value discount and free shipping. Information about Free US Shipping for Multiple Book, DVD and CD orders are for US residents only

There are many different premade multiple Book, DVD discount combinations with the free US shipping on the following page links. Also, many of the individual Book and DVD pages there will be free shipping discount combinations with that particular Book or DVD below of the single purchase buy links.

More Discount Combinations with Free US shipping