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I firmly believe these backup tracks will help your progress a lot, and you’ll have a lot of fun with them too, no matter what level you are at.
I recorded the backup tracks in the recording studio at three different speeds, and not too fast either!
The tempos of the songs range from very easy, (90 Beats per minute/BPM) to a slow medium tempo, (130 /BPM) to a moderate fast speed, 105 BPM double or cut time, (Four eighth notes per click).

Includes recordings of the songs, backup play along tracks, music tablature, along with instruction tips on each song! Also includes instruction on learning how to play by the chords to the song, has easy to read tablature with accent marks for melody notes, and the backup band tracks are at three speeds to play along with!
Here are the songs available with the backup band to play along with at three different speeds.
Boil that Cabbage Down
This Land is Your Land
Cumberland Gap
Banjo in the Hollow
When the Saints Go Marching In
She’ll be coming around the Mountain
Cripple Creek
Oh Susanna
America the Beautiful
John Henry

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Lessons for intermediate and more advanced banjo players on up the neck, backup playing,
playing faster and how to arrange your favorite songs to play on the banjo.
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