I have great kids! 🙂 if I do say so myself. I’m a proud Dad!

My daughter Theo graduated Law School at Suny-Buffalo, Cum Laude and is now a trial attorney for The Dept of Justice, Office of Immigration Litigation in Washington, DC. She also traveled abroad while in law school doing International law and worked for the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe. She has been with the Dept of Justice, Office of Immigration since October, 2008 and is now a trial attorney.

My son Jackson finished as the top graduate in the Air Force Air Traffic Controllers School. His reward for being top grad was permission to pick the base he was stationed at. He chose Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany. Jackson has moved on to controlling in Tokyo, Japan. He finished as the top airman in Airman leadership school, wow, that was a big accomplishment. He is married to a wonderful woman now, named Meghan.

Jackson now has moved on to air traffic controlling in England. From the great locations he has been blessed with, his wife Meghann and him have been everywhere from China to South America, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Fiji, all over Europe, amazing.

Sept -2014
Theo and Dad / Sept  -2014

Jackson and Dad / Sept  -2014


Jackson and Meghan

Jackson and Meghan



Here is a picture of my children, Theo and Jackson in 1999 at the Tucson Folk Festival. Theo graduated from the Universtiy of Arizona Dec, 04, with a major in Political Science.

10-08/ Theo became a lawyer for the US dept of Immigration in DC in October 2008

My son Jackson as a boy was a National Champion on the Yoyo and placed third in the World Pro Yo contest. He is now an air traffic controller in the Air Force.