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The Banjo Encyclopedia – Bluegrass Banjo from A to Z
Learn bluegrass banjo
by Ross Nickerson
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The Spiral/Wirebound Banjo Encyclopedia editions are available only directly from the author.
The published book that is available every where else is not spiral bound. We physically take them in to be wire bound so they will easier for you to use and learn from.


…what a book!!! Blown away at the content
…this book is gold…great curriculum!!
…world class player…an exemplary teacher…tailored instruction…great resource

….most comprehensive work…a “must have”…all will benefit…Ross’ leadership and clarity of instruction is tremendous.

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Note from Ross Nickerson
Here is the description of The Banjo Encyclopedia I wrote for Mel Bay Publications:
I’ve published the Table of contents below for the Banjo Encyclopedia too. I hope you will find it to be a great help in your banjo playing goals. It means a lot to me that I’ve received so many wonderful comments about this book It means even more to me that so many are learning from it. I was glad to do it.thanks, Ross Nickerson

The Banjo Encyclopedia is a comprehensive, in-depth banjo instructional book and CD that covers in depth the intricacies of bluegrass banjo playing, including numerous topics that have been overlooked in banjo instruction to date. The Banjo Encyclopedia can take a student from the beginning, to intermediate, and right through to more advanced styles of banjo playing. Ross Nickerson uses his many years of experience helping hundreds of aspiring banjo pickers by offering the banjo student an opportunity to learn in a practical, straightforward manner. This wide-ranging banjo instructional book will focus on many techniques that will help every aspect of a banjo player’s musicianship while simplifying many subjects in the learning process and comes with a 99 track CD. The Banjo Encyclopedia is undoubtedly one of the most complete five-string banjo books on the market today and a must for every banjo player’s collection. 

…Just a note to say thanks for writing the “Banjo Encyclopedia”.   I have 6 other Banjo “How to” books and while they all had relevant material in them none had the over all structure and sequence that yours’ does.  I have pretty much filed all the other books and am concentrating on working through the Banjo Encyclopedia exclusively.  My overall progress has just shot through the roof !  You have indeed paved the road to success for learning the banjo and the journey is fulfilling and exciting.  The advice you give is exceptional and I’ve found nothing to match in any other book I have and I have all the ones that are highly recommended

……Now that I see the qualities of this gentleman, I am REALLY looking forward to meeting him and thanking him for the effort it must have taken to put this together!….

Thanks Ross for providing an old Geezer like myself with a surefire path to success in learning the banjo.  I mention you and the website every chance I get.  Yours’ I believe is the pinnacle method for learning the banjo.

It’s 240 pages long, has 17 chapters, and has a 99 track CD.

I’m confident if you buy the book and CD you will be very happy with it. A lot of work went into this one. 

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The publisher wasn’t able to wire bound the Banjo Encyclopedia due to its size and other considerations. The Banjo Encyclopedia normally perfect bound with a crease so you can flatten it out, but as a extra favor to my customers and make it easier to learn from we are taking the books in and having them wire bound. One of my students paid 8.00 to have this done. We sell them for only 3 additional dollars to cover the cost.

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