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learn backup on banjo
backup on banjo

Ross, Just wanted to say thank you soooo much for putting out incredible material.  My mother is the retired music teacher that you have talked to lately, we both have just picked up the banjo.  I have been playing trombone for about 27 years now, am 6 hours away from my masters in performance.  Let me just say that your material is OUTSTANDING!  It truly does feel like you are there with us to guide us along.  This has been so much fun to learn and I would really like to thank you for such wonderful material and for your great talent on this instrument.  Thanks again and have a GREAT day! Mike Montgomery O=='={::} 

All books CD's, Videos, and DVD's are money back guaranteed.

All books are spiral bound for easy opening and learning!

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Beginning The 5-String Banjo
by Ross Nickerson

The Beginning the Five String Banjo Book includes CD and or DVD!

Everything you'll need to know to learn banjo and get started having fun picking.

Ross Nickerson covers all these subjects with you in a personal and informative way: Banjo rolls and picking patterns, left hand techniques, reading tablature, tuning the banjo, slides, hammer-ons and pull-offs, practice tips, memorizing, understanding timing, how to use a metronome, eleven songs, the chords up and down the neck and more.

The two CDs come with the lessons demonstrated clearly at three speeds including a backup play along practice track for each song.

The two hour DVD features high quality video with split screen technology and easy to use click through menus. Also included on the DVD is a special feature lesson on tuning the banjo, changing a string, putting on a strap, using the picks, tightening the head and other important banjo basics.

The DVD also has an added menu option for scrolling through the songs at the slow, medium or fast tempos separately.

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Beginning The Five-String Banjo

Spiral Bound Book and two CDs $19.95
DVD with book and CDs
Spiral Bound Book, CDs, and DVD 39.95

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Ross Nickerson's Best selling book, The Banjo Encyclopedia

Read what banjo students are saying about The Banjo Encyclopedia   

Here is the description of The Banjo Encyclopedia from Mel Bay Publications
The Banjo Encyclopedia is a comprehensive, in-depth banjo instructional tool that covers the many intricacies of bluegrass banjo playing, including numerous topics that may have been overlooked in banjo instruction to date. The Banjo Encyclopedia can take a student from the beginning, to intermediate, and right through to more advanced styles of banjo playing. Ross Nickerson uses his many years of experience helping hundreds of aspiring banjo pickers by offering the banjo student an opportunity to learn in a practical, straightforward manner. This wide-ranging banjo instructional book will focus on many techniques that will help every aspect of a banjo player's musicianship while simplifying many subjects in the learning process and comes with a 99 track CD. The Banjo Encyclopedia is undoubtedly one of the most complete five-string banjo books on the market today and a must for every banjo player's collection.

I'm confident if you buy the book and CD you will be very happy with it.

A lot of work went into this one. It's 240 pages long, has 17 chapters, and has a 99 track CD.

Testimonials for the Banjo Encyclopedia   

Click here to view the Table Of Contents

Special wire bound Banjo Encyclopedia available only at 32.95

DVD 1/Playing Banjo By Ear and Learning the Chords

.....This format is so different from the mass of lessons on the market, it definitely is a jewel that stands alone.

130 minute DVD instruction to help you play without tablature, learn to memorize, learn the chords better and loads of practical tips for the student trying to reach the next level. Includes instruction on learning the chords to songs, playing rolls and chords, up the neck chords, minor major and seventh chords. Tips and exercises to improve your chord changing ability. How to improve timing, pick steady, improvise simply, add slides, hammer-ons, and pull-offs to chords and chord changes in the song and much, much more.

Click price link to purchase 29.95

DVD 2/Banjo Jamming and Play Along DVD and Bonus Learning the Chord Forms Video

....Superb help and many valuable thoughts and tips...the bonus learning the chords lesson on the "Jamming" DVD is worth the entire cost.

Ross, You have hit a double homerun! The DVD's are excellent.

Learn the Chords to Each Song
All songs Played at Three Speeds
Ross Nickerson plays a solo and then plays backup for you
Includes Guitar and Bass Backup
Includes a tablature arrangement for each song
Click price link to purchase 29.95

Discount for buying both DVDs 49.95
Playing Banjo By Ear and Banjo Jamming and Play Along DVDs both for 49.95
Read more testimonials

Essential Banjo Licks/Over 100 Must Know Banjo Licks and Techniques/Includes Tab book

Nine different categories of Must Know" Essential Banjo Licks. This DVD has just been completed. It features over 100 useful and fun banjo licks that are essential to your knowledge and development. It was filmed using high quality split screen technology and features the licks played at a faster and slow speed to make it easier to learn. There is a full size tab booklet inlcuded right on the dvd for you to open and print out yourself. I am very please with the way this came out and I think you will be too. Read the descriptions below of the different categories of licks that are covered and demonstrated for you.

The subjects covered, Beginnings, Endings and Turnarounds, Must Know Scruggs Style Licks
for G, C and D, Melodic and Single String Style Banjo,
Backup Banjo, Up the Neck Banjo Up the Neck Banjo, Slow Banjo Styles, More Blues Chromatic, Triplets, Hot Licks, Bending the Strings



banjo songs to learn

Banjo Songs for Beginners by Ross Nickerson

Banjo Songs for Beginners
By Ross Nickerson

Banjo Songs for Beginners Book/DVD/CD set includes 14 must know banjo classics demonstrated in split screen video at three speeds. he book has easy to read tablature wth accent marks for melody notes and both right and left hand fingering indications.

Also included in the book is instruction on learning ohow to play by chords to the song, memorizing tips and advice on how to jump start your progress with the CD backup band practive tracks. THe high quality studio recorded CD demostrates the lessons at three speeds and included seperate backup play along practive track for each song. The DVD has another added feature allowing you to quickly scroll through the songs without having to re-choose the speed you are working at.

Songs you learn are:
Amazing Grace, Wildwood Fllower, When the Saints go Marching In, Worried Man Blues, Camptown Races, Old Macdonald, Shortin' Bread, John Hardy, Froggy Wehn A Courtin', Turkey in the Straw, Skip to My Lou, Bury Me Beneath the Willow, Salt Creek and a bonus performance song by Ross Nickerson, Cripple Creek.

Purchase Banjo Songs for Beginners

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Learn how to make everything you play sound better while increasing your speed and overall ability. Get valuable insights on right hand technique, practice habits, and tips that will save you hours of practice time and move you towards your goals. Here is a sound byte from the song Dixie Breakdown which is used as a model for ways to improve your speed and many other important aspects of your banjo playing. The book and CD includes 24 two meausure rolls at three speeds to learn and practice with, as well as text instruction and personalized verbal instruction on the CD. Find out why so many banjo students have purchased and benefited from this specialized instruction method.

....I would like for you to know the exercises have already help my speed and I like the presentation". Thank you. Dwayne Glanton
...Ross, The Dixie Breakdown book is a great exercise. Super roll practice. Fun song to work up and demonstrate the abilities of the banjo. Keep doing the web page and training material. I would like to see more intermediate - advanced methods and tab.
...I've taken some private lessons but have gotten more out of your Building Speed book and CD. Bob C

Spiral Bound Book with CD $19.95
Now available in E-Book form! Also available as an E Book with CD Tracks you can download from a secured webpage.
E-Book with CD Tracks

The Blazing the West Tablature Book

Blazing The West Tablature Book for Banjo

Click here for more info

Easy to read tablature with tips on learning the songs, backup tips, notes on each song, and some photos.

Country Music Television has voted Blazing the West as one of the top ten albums of 2003!

El Cumbanchero, San Antonio Rose, Garcia, Panhandle Rag, Ghost Riders in the Sky, Texas Blues, Red River Valley, Lonesome Cowboy, Jesse James, Don't Fence Me In, Standing Eagle, and Streets of Laredo

Both the Blazing the West CD and Tablature book are 30-day satisfaction guaranteed your money back with no shipping charges!

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BOOK AND CD $24.95

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dueling banjos tab

The Banjo Song book by Ross Nickerson

The Banjo Songbook includes CD and or Video!

Click here for more info on the Banjo Songbook

Songs included are: Dueling Banjos, Wreck of the Old 97, Ballad of Jed Clampett, Old Joe Clark, Foggy Mountain Breakdown, Bill Cheatum, Reuben's Train, Two Dollar Bill, She'll Be Coming Around The Mountain, Will The Circle Be Unbroken, and bonus song; America The Beautiful.

All songs are demonstrated at three speeds. The Book features tips and information about each song.

Click on the price links below to buy.

Spiral Bound Book and CD. 19.95

DVD available for The Banjo Song Book.
Complete with quick cue menus!!
DVD with book and CD

Customer testimonials on The Banjo Song Book


Scruggs Style Instruction for Five String Banjo Hear Ross Nickerson perform six Earl Scruggs banjo classics at two speeds followed by detailed instruction with many Scruggs' Style insights and tips. Hear hard to get licks slowed down and get banjo instruction from someone that knows how to help you build a foundation. The valuable lessons on Scruggs banjo style you'll learn from this book and two CD's can help every aspect of your banjo playing. Hear a sound byte of the faster version of Foggy Mountain Breakdown played by Ross Nickerson

Songs Included
Lonesome Road Blues, Little Darlin' Pal of Mine, Fireball Mail, Groundspeed, Sally Goodwin, and Foggy Mountain Breakdown

The book includes tablature for up the neck solos and breaks for Foggy Mountain Breakdown, Little Darlin' Pal of Mine, Fireball Mail, a solid low break for Lonesome Road Blues, and some other tasteful innovations in solid bluegrass Scruggs Style.

"Your arrangement is as close to Earl as I have ever heard and your instructions are breaking it down into digestible pieces so I'm actually making progress each time I sit down. It is the best value in instruction That I have come across to date.
Lemme tell ya'll - I am blown away but the instruction on it! I learned more in 20 minutes of listening to the first CD and just floowing along with my finger in the book - NO banjo in hand! - than I did the first few months of lessons I took!

Book and two CD's on sale now only 19.95

banjo back up

A Backup Bluegrass Band You Can Play Along With!

Two Volumes! 14 songs each

I believe these backup tracks will help your progress a lot, and
you'll have a lot of fun with them too,
no matter what level you are at.

I recorded the backup tracks in the recording studio at three different speeds.

The CD comes packaged in a double CD case with an audio CD of the songs at three speeds,
and is a CDR of the full size tablature book that you can print out yourself.
Also included in the tab booklet are memorizing and playing by the chords tips.

Volume 1

Cripple Creek,Banjo in the Hollow
Boil That Cabbage Down, Eight More Miles to Louisville,
Cumberland Gap, Jingle Bells, John Henry, Blackberry Blossom,
Two Dollar Bill, Red River Valley, Wildwood Flower, My Old Kentucky Home,
Eight of January, Crying Holy

Volume 2

America the Beautiful, Battle Hymn of The Republic, The Crawdad Song
I’ve Been Working on the Railroad, Jesse James, Ode to Joy, Oh Susanna
Old Joe Clark, Pig in a Pen, Reuben’s Train, Rolling in My Sweet Baby’s Arms,
She’ll be coming around the Mountain, This Land is Your Land,
When the Saints Go Marching In

Volume 1, Hard Copy spiral bound book with DVD & CD

Volume 2 Hard Copy spiral bound book with DVD & CD

Both Volume 1 and 2 Each volume is a Hard Copy spiral bound book with DVD and CD
Standard US First Class/Priority
and all
International Shipping


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The Joy of Christmas Banjo DVD and Tab Book by Ross Nickerson presents the
Joy of Christmas
Banjo DVD and Tab Book by Ross Nickerson
12 popular Christmas favorites
Arrangements made easy to learn & play

Hark the Herald Angels Sing, We Three Kings of Orient Are, We Wish You a Merry Christmas, Oh Come All Ye Faithful, It Came Upon a Midnight Clear, Deck the Halls, What Child is This (Greensleeves), Jingle Bells, Silent Night, Joy to the World, God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman, and Away in a Manger.

All arrangements are easy to play and learn. I wrote the arrangements so you could hear the melody clearly without having to be an advance player to get the satisfaction of playing them and hearing the melody. These types of songs are excellent for your development because you know the tune so well, you will instinctively improve your own ability to play and accent melody notes. I'm very proud of my arrangements. I think you will enjoy them and learn a lot from the DVD too. There are some slower songs, several in minor keys and 3/4 time tunes too. Many students have told me it's the best Christmas Banjo Book out there.  Thanks, Ross Nickerson

The DVD demonstrates each of the songs on high quality DVD video at either two or three speeds. The DVD also includes a Tablature book on a separate CDR that you print out yourself. Having the tab book on CDR saves from shrinking down the tab to fit in the box, it helps keep the cost of the DVD down and the full size tab book will be much easier to learn from. The tab book also includes learning tips on each song, the chords to each song written out separately and detailed tablature with right and left hand fingerings, a 32 page book.

Click here to purchase 24.95

how to practice

How To Practice

Learn how to get the most from your practice time and progress faster. Ross Nickerson shows you proven techniques that really work helping you advance quickly and accomplish your goals.

rock solid banjo
Rock Solid Timing and
Back Up Tips

What could be more important than good timing when playing the five-string banjo? It's not hard to learn if someone takes the time to show you how. Ross Nickerson takes you through learning timing step by step.


Playing in the Keys of
C, D, E, F and G Up the Neck

Ross teaches easy techniques to quickly transpose the songs you already know in open G tuning to other keys. Help on this important transition in bluegrass banjo playing has been needed for a very long time, and here it is


New compilation CD featuring Ross Nickerson.
Other banjo players featured on the CD are:
Earl Scruggs, Sonny Osborne, Eddie Adcock, Jim Mills,
Greg Cahill, Pete Wernick, Scott Vestal and more.



True West Magazine named Blazing the West the top Bluegrass CD
of 2003 in their annual Best of the West issue.

Country Music Television voted Blazing the West
one of the top ten albums of 2003.

The International Bluegrass Music Association named
Blazing the West one of the top 15 instrumental CD’s of 2003.

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New CD Release - Ross Nickerson - Let's Kick it
Kick It Cd
Note for Note Tab Transcription Book Now Available
for Ross Nickerson's Let's Kick It CD

Let’s Kick it
is the latest release from Ross Nickerson.  Accompanying Ross’ hard-driving, blue- grass banjo are members of the critically acclaimed bluegrass band, Blue Highway, Rob Ickes on dobro, Tim Stafford, guitar and vocal, Shawn Lane mandolin and fiddle and Wayne Taylor, bass and vocals.
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Reviews of CD

True West Magazine named Blazing the West the top Bluegrass CD
of 2003 in their annual Best of the West issue.
blazing the west cdbestof the west

Country Music Television voted Blazing the West
one of the top ten albums of 2003.

The International Bluegrass Music Association named
Blazing the West one of the top 15 instrumental CD’s of 2003.

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