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Banjo Practice Priorities and Making The Best Use of Practice Time

Practicing  Banjo Tips

Knowing what to practice and making the best use of the practice time has so much to do with how well you will ultimately play the banjo. I once described natural ability to a student as someone who enjoys practicing and has determination. Sure, music may come easier to others but many times the ones it comes easier too are the people who can sit for hours at a time driven to keep digging in for ways to improve and would not want to be doing anything else.

To you help you make the best use of your practice time I want to make a short list of some priorities that I recommend keeping in mind while practicing.

  • Practice what you can’t play
  • Practice building your playing ability and skill so you can play what you want.
  • Memorize what you are learning and stop looking at the tab. That should be first on the list when learning a song.
  • Make goals and lesson plans.
  • isolate the parts of songs or lessons that give you trouble and work them out.
  • Devote as much time as you can to increasing your overall ability and knowledge.
  • Play in time!!!

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