How to Play Banjo if you only know the Chords

• How to build a foundation for playing songs from the bottom up by playing through the chord changes of the songs you already know and learn with steady picking and simple rolls.
• Next, learning to improvise and mix up the rolls as well as varying the quarter and eighth note rhythms.
• Then introducing slides, pull-offs, hammer-ons and chokes to the chord positions.
• Learning the chords shapes and playing through the chord changes on the songs you already know up the neck. Then, use practice songs that utilize major, minor and seventh chords to gain proficiency in those chord shapes.
• Learning through demonstration how to recover from mistakes by knowing the chords to a song when you lose your place.
• Practicing in other keys and expanding your overall chord knowledge, while exercising and building chord-changing ability.
• Learning how these techniques can be used in jamming with others